Match the Correct Shades to Your Subtle Grey Pashmina This Season!

Grey is the resplendent colour of this season! With the Pantone declaring violet as ‘the colour’ of 2018, and fashionistas going in for pastels and different hues, grey is surely making waves. Now, add on a pashmina of this colour to your flurry of bright shades and see how your fashion sense gets a kick!

To start off with – cashmere pashmina is quite a versatile product, which you can both wear with different outfits or even use it for decoration. In fact, compared to its ‘close hue family’, black and brown, grey has become a classic in recent times with most shades matching it up.

Why is ‘grey’ the colour?

Soft, unique and far from traditions, is the base for selecting colours this season. Hence, topping the list is grey, which is known as a non-traditional hue, and mostly avoided. However, what is interesting to note is – grey shawl is coming back big time this season.

As a matter of fact, reds and aqua blues have taken a back seat; now greys are scorching the ramp! Hence, donning a pashmina in this shade is undoubtedly what you cannot miss out.

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Try Beyond Chic with a Teal Pashmina

Staying chic and stylish means having a better-everyday!

…And to have your own style statement, personalisation is of utmost importance. The secret to customisation in your daily attire is adding a refined yet quintessential accessory.

Just a teal pashmina vis a vis will serve the purpose for sure. Well, don’t freak out girls, teal is one colour like any other.

Apparently, pairing a teal coloured pashmina might seem to be a bit baffling, but after knowing the hacks, you are all ready to be the Fashionista in your squad.

Catering to your needs, here are a few styling hacks to accessorise your outfit with pashmina shawl and wrap.

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Did You Know that a Cosy Turquoise Pashmina Wrap Can Fit in Every Season

Ever wrapped a pashmina around? The cosiness and comfort it brings to your body while wrapped around you are unmatchable. Also, this cashmere pashmina is no more limited to winters for providing warmth.

With the growth in demand and popularity, these cashmere wraps have been innovated to fit the new trends. They come in different colours and lengths to suit the occasion you need them for.

The subtle blend of silk and other smooth yarns customise it for all weather. It has also brought higher popularity to the fabric with the demand reaching as far as Africa and other western countries. Having an origin in the east, it already commands high demand in Asia.

A pashmina brings the calmness of ocean to you with the comfort of the soft fabric. The aqua shade blends with many dark colour tones to give the person a unique look.

Colour works on the mind, to reflect the wearer’s personality and make an effect on the onlooker. Go with these different colour shades for enhancing the elegance of this turquoise cashmere pashmina fabric.

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