Cashmere Scarf – A Mark of Luxury Clothing at its Best

Cashmere scarf – the name is enough in itself to make you think of something royal and luxurious. Such has been the effect of this clothing on people’s minds since time immemorial.

Well, read out this interesting story behind its use –

In ancient times, cashmere was a synonym for royalty. Since it was produced in low numbers; the fabric was available in limited quantity. Its rich and comforting feel made sure royal families demanded it to be their go-to winter clothing. Anything related to royalty has always been considered expensive and unattainable by the public. The fabric deserves this treatment because of its fine wool knit that forms exquisitely soft and comfortable clothes.

Hence, the tag of luxury attached to it. So, now you know it is not for nothing that they are the most highly demanded clothing lines.

cashmere scarf for men
cashmere scarf for men

But now, the provenance, limited only to the rich and wealthy who were able to afford beauty and warmth, has been broken. Anybody can own a cashmere scarf now with its wider availability in different online stores and inexpensive prices.

However, there is one important fact that differentiates a cashmere fabric from others – its source!

Cashmere wool is made from superfine and soft hair obtained from special Himalayan goats living in the valleys at above 15,000 feet. The hair protects these goats from long frigid weather conditions. Now you know where the warmth and softness of a cashmere scarf come from!

Choosing from an extensive clothing line

That’s right! Now you don’t need to buy just a shawl or scarf made of pashmina fabric for enjoying the exquisite luxury, though these two still remain the most common pashmina clothes among all. You can choose from options like pullovers, beanies, socks, gloves and many more to keep the chills away during winters.

Styling tips for your luxury scarves

You don’t need to stay limited to the old-school regular wrap around the neck for styling your cashmere scarf. So, with the arrival of winter, try out your pricey wrap in these different styles –

  • Drape it with a French twist. Keep the thicker part visible in front and leave the two loose ends dangling at the. Watch the viewer’s turning head.
  • Give it a classic touch in Grace Kelly style. Make a knot of the opposite ends and swing it around the neck.
  • Fold it and wrap around your mane like a muffler to bring a chic look.
  • You can also try folding it lengthwise and keep the two sides behind you. Now round them up and insert the loose ends in the loop that has formed. Tighten it according to your comfort.

You can now pair these styles with different outfits. The best part about these scarves is that they are versatile. You can easily mix and match scarves of different colors with any of your formal or casual outfits.

So, don’t wait now! Make these scarves a part of your wardrobe collection and enjoy the new-found attention by admirers wherever you go.