Cashmere Scarf – A Mark of Luxury Clothing at its Best

Cashmere scarf – the name is enough in itself to make you think of something royal and luxurious. Such has been the effect of this clothing on people’s minds since time immemorial.

Well, read out this interesting story behind its use –

In ancient times, cashmere was a synonym for royalty. Since it was produced in low numbers; the fabric was available in limited quantity. Its rich and comforting feel made sure royal families demanded it to be their go-to winter clothing. Anything related to royalty has always been considered expensive and unattainable by the public. The fabric deserves this treatment because of its fine wool knit that forms exquisitely soft and comfortable clothes.

Hence, the tag of luxury attached to it. So, now you know it is not for nothing that they are the most highly demanded clothing lines.

cashmere scarf for men
cashmere scarf for men

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Silver Pashmina Styling Tips No Fashionista Dares to Reveal!

Hey! Wondering how those Instagram models & bloggers look so bona fide wearing those silver pashmina? Well, the answer to their easy breezy looks is colour coordination. Often when it comes to your favorite cashmere scarf, most of you can’t help but buy one for your special family occasion.

Like sure, you may have worn your gorgeous silver wrap to a wedding & matched it with a long black gown and made heads turn; but now that the event is done with, you put the scarf back in the closet?

No! If you’ve invested in that gorgeous scarf, it’s time to utilise your money’s worth! So, check out how you can pair that silver shawl with the right colours to make your everyday trousseau fabulous & fine.

Colour coordinate with the silver shawl and look like a diva!

Okay! Most of you today assume that wearing a brighter shade with your authentic pashmina will genuinely glamorize its essence. But, according to the social media fashion bloggers, the trick is to contrast or colour coordinate!

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