Don’t get confused about Your Wedding Party Attire: Wrap it with Pink Pashmina

The wedding is one of the happiest occasions, and if there is ever a chance to determine your happiness by a colour, nothing can beat the magic of pink. Be it a dress, or a pink wrap – the magic it exudes remains the same. So, have you checked the calendar? When is your friend’s big day coming up? You need to prep up for it.

In this article, you will find a host of suggestions regarding an ideal get-up for this special occasion. Along with that, you will get an insight as to how a shawl in shades of pink can change the look of your attire to a great extent.

Here’s what you must check out –

The wedding attire story with a pashmina

Yes, it is somebody else’s wedding, but who wouldn’t want to look good in it? Especially when a twist of pink pashmina can make you the queen of your moment. Here’s how:

pink pashmina

If you are planning to go neutral, then raspberry magenta is a beautiful cover

Most ladies would love to try out the FMW Lace Neckline Pencil Dress for a wedding party. In fact, a dress in white, with side-parted hair and double chained neck piece is the fashion prevailing in the market today. Hence, for those preferring to keep it light can surely try this out.

However, with white you need a dash of hue – just for effect, you know! Hence a raspberry shaded pink shawl can play the trick. Ready to try it out?

Another shade of neutral can twin well with a light shade of pink

Twinning is the new ‘in’ thing, so why don’t you try it out as well? A light shade of aqua or pink in the ensemble that you wear for the party can be very well twinned with a pink cashmere pashmina uk. Most opt for a Ruffle Wrap Dress and keep their hair open coupling it with a bracelet or a neckpiece.

A bright shade calls for a more glittering wrap

When you choose out something as bright as the Schiffley Panel Tie Shoulder Dress in yellow, the make-up and hair must be toned down. A tiara in your bun with a chunky ring and light dash of kohl is perfect for the occasion.

To couple this attire, you can choose a magenta pashmina shawl and tie it in the traditional style with a brooch to hold it back.

Black is not the colour for all occasions, but you can make it one!

The truth is, black is one of the classiest shades, yet on certain occasions as a wedding, it remains quite untouched. Well, why don’t you try it out? Get an FMW Floral Lace Skater Dress and a pair of diamond drops and cashmere for the next wedding you attend.

What you cannot miss

Before you buy a pink wrap from an online store, be very careful to check out certain specifics. Most of the shawls come within a range of $500-$1000 so be ready to shell out this price. Apart from that –

  • Check credentials of the online store as well as reviews of the buyers
  • Smell if the tassels of your burnt pashmina give odour like burnt hair
  • Check the ratio of cashmere: silk for your product. If it is 80:20, you have the right product.

All the best for your pashmina wedding shawl shopping!