Match the Correct Shades to Your Subtle Grey Pashmina This Season!

Grey is the resplendent colour of this season! With the Pantone declaring violet as ‘the colour’ of 2018, and fashionistas going in for pastels and different hues, grey is surely making waves. Now, add on a pashmina of this colour to your flurry of bright shades and see how your fashion sense gets a kick!

To start off with – cashmere pashmina is quite a versatile product, which you can both wear with different outfits or even use it for decoration. In fact, compared to its ‘close hue family’, black and brown, grey has become a classic in recent times with most shades matching it up.

Why is ‘grey’ the colour?

Soft, unique and far from traditions, is the base for selecting colours this season. Hence, topping the list is grey, which is known as a non-traditional hue, and mostly avoided. However, what is interesting to note is – grey shawl is coming back big time this season.

As a matter of fact, reds and aqua blues have taken a back seat; now greys are scorching the ramp! Hence, donning a pashmina in this shade is undoubtedly what you cannot miss out.

Colour combos that you cannot miss!

Now that you have already embarked on this greyish journey, here are other shades to compliment your look!

  • Bright Yellow to start off the colour game

Though unconventional and critical at the initial step – having a grey wrap over yellow attire can up the fashion game! In fact, be it a dress, or a beachwear or only part of your ensemble, this colour generates happiness at every step. Additionally, a grey bearing on it genuinely helps to keep the colour contrast going.

For all those who plan to try out this wrap, make sure you go low on make-up and accessories since the colour is already too bright to deal with.

  • Green as grass to follow it up

Here comes the colour cascading nature to ensure that you flaunt a blithe playful look. Donning a grey hued cashmere pashmina scarf over your green outfit, will surely give a natural feel and help you stay ahead in the race.

Hence, pair up your green skirt-white top or green dress combo with a shawl and add some diamond pieces to jingle. That’s not all – do up your eyes and go soft on your lips. Keep the diamonds subdued and add a one-sided sling to your get-up. Now it’s time to slay!!

  • The darkness of Midnight Black

Black as always been the colour of every season and reason! Hence, whether it is your black tee or the lovely dress that you bought – either can be embellished ideally with a grey cashmere pashmina! Go out for some cuppa with your friends or step out like a lady for a dinner date – add a pair of diamond studs and carry a clutch to complete your look.

Thus, on a parting note, just make sure that you get that cool grey pashmina; do check the credentials of the online store. The grey is here to stay for quite some time now!!