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Planning to Buy a Cashmere Pashmina? A Quick Recap of Details!

A cashmere pashmina is one of the softest and priceless pieces of wraps which the fashionistas of the world has ever seen! Coming from the Himalayan domains, this is a piece which has strong roots embedded in the inner coats of Chyangra goats. Handspun for almost a year, a stola is timeless pieces of cloth and in recent times have had numerous pirated versions.

However, if you have decided on buying one, it is time to know some of the top facts associated with it. Also, this article has details about the ideal ways to drape or drop a wrap in multiple occasions!

cashmere shawls
cashmere shawls

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The story of cashmere pashmina

This saga of cashmere began back in the 15th century, up in the hills of the Himalayas. The traders shred this special kind of wool (the inner coat of Chyangra goats) and weave one of the most beautiful and softest pieces of cloth.

There is not another wrap that can compete with this cashmere pashmina  in the world. There’s more to it –

  • Mostly, a cashmere wrap consists of a 90-10 cashmere – silk ratio. Hence, rest assured you are in for a treat!
  • ‘Cashmere’ is simply the anglicised version of Kashmir – the hub of this product.
  • In most cases, buyers are cheated. So, do check the shawl via a fire test before you pay up!
  • Don’t go in for cashmere that is priced low. It is a hand-woven product and will not come very cheap!

Pashmina and its styles

Quite an exciting tale, is it not? Well, that’s the beauty of a pashmina. Now, post this tale, when you actually buy cashmere or maybe a couple of them, how and where would you use the same? Yes, wearing it is THE option, but with which type of dress. Also, ever thought that this could be used to decorate your home? Here are some ideas!

  • Wrap a cashmere shawl around a backless or a slit gown. You will be the talk of the town!
  • Gifting a cashmere as a return gift is a great option. Try this out with your special guests.
  • Setting up your lounge with cashmere spreads is a unique thematic setting for your party! Invite your guests for dinner – they will be amazed!!

How to protect one?

Not just owning a cashmere pashmina, but maintaining it is one of the most important tasks. Firstly, when you are setting a pashmina, make sure not to brush it too much. It softens the threads, however, in reality, cashmere loses its charm.

The next important factor that you must remember regarding cashmere is – never to wash it in hot water. Other clothes may be cleaned with warm water and bleach; however, a cashmere wrap gets spoiled. Hence, use either a Castille soap or shampoo that is paraben free and has a low pH value.

Once when you are done with the washing part, hang the shawl to dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is harmful to this and can fade its colour. Also, while ironing, use butter paper to cover it. Take these measures, and your shawls and wraps are safe!

Thus, on a parting note, it is essential to understand that only a cashmere shawl bought from reputed online outlet can provide you with the ultimate comfort. A quality cashmere will never let you down – be it a party décor or as a wrap!