Orange is the New Pashmina Hue – Check out Some Styles Now!

What’s your take on bright colours? Orange, Pink, Red …..and others from the same family? Well, if you have hots for them, then this season, you can gift yourself an orange pashmina! Now, for all those colour combination cynics – Does orange really have the grace and poise to make it to the pashmina group? Even if it does, is it worth wrapping? Well, the answer is a big YES!!

Read on the details on the same:

Orange pashmina – the hilly hair wrap looks beautiful!

Gone are those days when the hues of white and black would only suit pashminas. This hand-woven ‘pashm’ wrap obtained from the Chyangra goats of the Himalayas, surely deserves better colours!

Hence, comes the orange wrap. Though orange is one of the brightest colours, donning a wrap of such a bright hue can be extremely tricky. The catch line is – If it works, it’s a Trend – if it fails, it’s a Dent!

As a matter of fact, these days, pure cashmere pashmina has become an extremely important part of the fashion world. Be it a gown, dress or a mere corporate outfit, the cashmere is constant. In fact, fashionistas add on broaches and neckpieces according to the colours of their pashminas.

How will you style an orange wrap?

Now that you have a wrap, how will you drape it around? Time to rustle up your wardrobe –

  • Dinner ensemble to choose

When you have dinner and dessert on your mind, there’s no harm being flirtatious! As options you have: Soutache Mesh Dress or Pissaro Nights Beaded & Embroidered Cocktail Dress. Don either of these with an orange shawl in a one-sided way and add a clutch to complete the look!

  • An evening to remember

When you are out on a ‘special’ evening with your ‘special’ someone, you must look perfect! To do that, try out either an Athena Dress or a Florence Dress to start off! For all those who have a plan to return only after breakfast – a Sleeveless Fringe Shirt with a pair of denims is the look to go with.

Now, carry the orange cashmere pashmina in a traditional manner while coupling it with a dress. Else, you can innovate it a little and tie around the pashmina like a belt when you pair it with denim.

  • A house-party

An orange pashmina shawl wrap scarf for a house party? Well, before you start doubting the choice, match it up with a Little Lemon Print Fit an Flare dress! Tie it on your neck, ditching that chain and complete the look with a top-knot and single kohl lining. Keep the look accessory free apart from a sling bag.

  • Spring and summer parties to attend

With the season parties being a trend in today’s times – donning an orange shawl over a Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top in yellow can be real game-changer. This combination can be paired with a denim skirt or Tie Front Trousers. If you are not too hot for the same – a white yellow combo can very well work wonders.

Add a diamond stud and don on a silver belt to up the cashmere look!

So, are you quite assured that orange is the new black? In that case, google the website – check the credentials – and place your order for the orange pashmina shawl.