Silver Pashmina Styling Tips No Fashionista Dares to Reveal!

Hey! Wondering how those Instagram models & bloggers look so bona fide wearing those silver pashmina? Well, the answer to their easy breezy looks is colour coordination. Often when it comes to your favorite cashmere scarf, most of you can’t help but buy one for your special family occasion.

Like sure, you may have worn your gorgeous silver wrap to a wedding & matched it with a long black gown and made heads turn; but now that the event is done with, you put the scarf back in the closet?

No! If you’ve invested in that gorgeous scarf, it’s time to utilise your money’s worth! So, check out how you can pair that silver shawl with the right colours to make your everyday trousseau fabulous & fine.

Colour coordinate with the silver shawl and look like a diva!

Okay! Most of you today assume that wearing a brighter shade with your authentic pashmina will genuinely glamorize its essence. But, according to the social media fashion bloggers, the trick is to contrast or colour coordinate!

So, breaking the stereotypes, let’s get started –

  1. Baby yellow or daintier shades of yellow!

A perfect combination of solemn and sweet; the lighter more frivolous tones of yellow will complement the grey layering of a silver shaded shawl splendidly. So, if you have a movie date planned, or you’re off to your favourite café, wear your pristine silver cashmere pashmina shawl with a swing or sundress. For example – Jersey-Knit Sleeveless Swing Dress for Women

  1. Pink- every shade light!

Rose, blush, pastel or rouge are some of the softest hues of pink. So, if you’re a little ladylike with a graceful personality, then use your glamorous silver wrap and pair it with these shades of pink.

Eclectic and eye-catching, this colour contrast will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Look up online and try different scarf styles with the following outfits –

  • Relaxed Twill Popover Shirt for Women along with sliver cashmere pashmina & crisp white pants.
  • A blush-hued tank top with yoga pants and the silver scarf layered fashionably
  • Ripped jeans with a full sleeved pastel shirt and silver cashmere looped carelessly over the shoulder.
  1. Blue is the limit!

Another authentic colour that can complement that silver cashmere pashmina  in shades of blue. If you have any cobalt or lighter shades of a blue outfit like a Chi Chi Willow Dress, then pairing your grey cashmere with it can bring out the essence of both.

You can opt for different styles depending on your outfit. Try to wear your silver cashmere in layered pattern with plaid pants and a blue tube top if you want a fashion diva vibe. For a regular office outfit, wear your pashmina with a crisp blue shirt in the single knotted pattern.

For a shopping escapade, go for a pair of ripped jeans and a authentic pashmina shawl poncho wrap to look chic & glamorous.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get that stunning pashmina scarf today and combine your silver wrap with contrasting colours and flaunt your fashion blog today!