Take Your Brown Pashmina Shawl on an Experimental Route!

Fashion is all about experimenting, isn’t it? After all, it was a little faith, mixed with guts and innovation that let Karl Lagerfeld give Chanel a total revamp in 1983. It was he who introduced an entirely new line of clothes and accessories to add variety to the brands. This foray into a completely different field made Chanel what it is today.

The bottom-line is: Experiment begets innovation, which brings about a style statement that one can look up to. Lagerfeld, amongst a host of other fashion icons, proved it and paved the way for everyone to look beautiful while being innovative.

Take that brown pashmina wrap in your closet for instance. It can amplify your appearance like nothing else. Your favourite shade of brown can never disappoint when it comes to adding to your elegance.

Wondering how to experiment with your cashmere pashmina shawl? Here are a few colour ideas that might help!

  • Couple it up with pink!

Pink is widely known for representing femininity and romance. Pair your M&S Collection Linen Blend Sleeveless Tunic Dress with a light brown pashmina for that perfect casual look. You could also add a simple pearl necklace to accessorise your look for your Sunday brunch gathering!

Brown pashmina

[Tip: Plain white stilettos fit this casual-cum-formal look like a glove!]

  • Brighten your yellow outfit!

The most radiant tint has a lot to offer in terms of style when paired with your brown pashmina. Matching a yellow Classic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shell Top with a dark-hued M&S Collection Sculpt & Lift leggings for your weekend movie outing is a great idea. For the flawless finish, don’t forget to pair it up with your brown shawl!

  • Black and brown can never go wrong!

No colour can complement a woman’s sensuality as effortlessly as black! Adding your brown wrap to your M&S Collection Halter Neck Swing Mini Dress works wonders for your overall look.

Furthermore, you can also pair your brown cashmere with that M&S Collection Curve Satin Notch Neck 3/4 Sleeve Blouse for the classic formal look. If an evening cocktail party is on the cards, wear your M&S Collection Front Split Slip Midi Dress with a dark hued brown cashmere shawl to look the best.

  • Classy navy

Navy is yet another colour synonymous with femininity and subtlety. Plus, navy dresses are excellent for formal parties. Wearing a sleek M&S Collection Peplum Hem Midi Dress for your office party makes you look like a queen.

Wondering what to complete your regal look with?

Simple! Accessorise your outfit with a brown cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf!

  • The sensuous red!

Red personifies warmth and sensuality. No woman can ever make a fashion mistake with this hue. Be it for a beach getaway or a casual evening walk, a red M&S Collection Pure Cotton Beach Dress is exactly what you’re looking for! A brown cashmere can simply act as a light jacket to add an edge to your appearance.

You can always take the experimental route with your cashmere shawls! After all, with an accessory as exquisite as your pashminas, you’re bound to look your best at any time!