Try Beyond Chic with a Teal Pashmina

Staying chic and stylish means having a better-everyday!

…And to have your own style statement, personalisation is of utmost importance. The secret to customisation in your daily attire is adding a refined yet quintessential accessory.

Just a teal pashmina vis a vis will serve the purpose for sure. Well, don’t freak out girls, teal is one colour like any other.

Apparently, pairing a teal coloured pashmina might seem to be a bit baffling, but after knowing the hacks, you are all ready to be the Fashionista in your squad.

Catering to your needs, here are a few styling hacks to accessorise your outfit with pashmina shawl and wrap.

How about white?

Well, white is undeniably one such versatile colour which goes perfectly with any shade and hue. When it comes to teal, both these colours make a killer combination suiting every occasion and event.

Most importantly, being a versatile colour, you don’t have to put in any extra effort to get a flawless look. For example, consider the given white slim fit shirt by pairing with the teal floral pencil skirt for an official meeting.

Done with the makeup and hair duos? Now, finish the look by wrapping a teal cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf and giving a feel-like-diva vibe.

Ode to an orange outfit:

Many say orange is the happiest colour. If you feel so, try out the following combination.

Wear an orange top with denim and a cashmere pashmina like a neck scarf to any informal occasion. You can consider Halogen Lace and Crepe Top tagging along with the Curve 360 Black Bootcut Jeans and your shawl/scarf donning a ravishing look.

Orange is preferred with teal because it helps bring out the brighter shade of the latter effortlessly.

So, now when you know this style factotum, try ASAP!

Coral can be cute and classy too:

Coral and teal are great combinations because both of these colours share the similar hue, i.e. yellow on the actual colour wheel.

Therefore, be the head-turner amidst all by adapting coral and teal together. You may pair up the teal wrap with any coral top and Curve 360 Skinny Bootcut Jeans.

To get the finest look, try this archetypal lace top – Caslon Lace & Slub Knit Tank fitting every formal occasion. However, if you are planning to spend quality time with your sweetheart and struggling amid utter confusion, girl, give out a try to this style:

Look like a petite princess with a flare Coral Cotton Eyelet Short Sleeve Dress by pairing with the teal shawl.

Just in case the teal cashmere scarf is not handy; you may even stick to any Italian cashmere pashmina because both are equally functional and fashionable.

Pashminas are famous worldwide owing to their premium texture and protective quality. Imported from the far lands of Asia, these shawls are the most sought-after accessories available in the market.

So, be a dazzler and outshine the crowd by mastering the above-mentioned tricks with your cashmere pashmina.