Did You Know that a Cosy Turquoise Pashmina Wrap Can Fit in Every Season

Ever wrapped a pashmina around? The cosiness and comfort it brings to your body while wrapped around you are unmatchable. Also, this cashmere pashmina is no more limited to winters for providing warmth.

With the growth in demand and popularity, these cashmere wraps have been innovated to fit the new trends. They come in different colours and lengths to suit the occasion you need them for.

The subtle blend of silk and other smooth yarns customise it for all weather. It has also brought higher popularity to the fabric with the demand reaching as far as Africa and other western countries. Having an origin in the east, it already commands high demand in Asia.

A pashmina brings the calmness of ocean to you with the comfort of the soft fabric. The aqua shade blends with many dark colour tones to give the person a unique look.

Colour works on the mind, to reflect the wearer’s personality and make an effect on the onlooker. Go with these different colour shades for enhancing the elegance of this turquoise cashmere pashmina fabric.

Red, Maroon or Rust

Red, with its other shades, makes pashmina fabric work wonders. The confidence of red with the calmness of turquoise makes you look poised and composed.

Red – It’s a powerful colour which infuses strong emotions and reflects strong love or hatred for the observer. If you need to make a mark on the minds of people present in that high-profile function, go for dresses in red.

This chilli red Finders Asymmetric Cami Dress worn with a Public Desire Chelsea Black Glitter Toe Court Shoes will mark your authority in a gathering. For the same effect with a twist of sophistication, wear a red ASOS Design Pleated Midi Dress With Ruffle Open Back and wrap that turquoise scarf around for serenity in the middle of a conundrum.

Maroon – A little meld of brown to red makes maroon, a colour bringing matte effect to your ensemble. Are you planning for a comfortable outing or a walk with friends? Wear this Mid-Rise Pop-Colour Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans For Women paired with ASOS Design Cami with High Neck And Tie Back. Sleek and comfortable, this outfit when teamed up with an elegant turquoise cashmere pashmina will cheer you even in the hot weather.

Rust – The combination of this brown and red shade worn for a formal event with one turquoise cashmere pashmina wrapped around gives you a chic look. Don an ASOS Design Cored Suit in rust paired with one turquoise scarf to rock that office event.

Pink Checks with a Nude Shade of Pink:

This Sisley Pink Check Double Breasted Blazer worn over a bright inner paired with Matte New Look Cross Strap pointed Court Shoes in light pink will make you rock that office presentation. Wear that turquoise pashmina scarf like a tie for enhancing sophistication.

Mint-Green and Turquoise:

Both shades exude calmness with mint-green adding agility of summer to the ensemble. Wear an ASOS Design Frill Wrap Lace Insert Maxi Dress and wrap around that turquoise cashmere shawl to enchant everyone around.

Try out your turquoise scarf of the ‘soft gold’ fabric with these ensembles. Make a collection of your shawls in pashmina fabric and wrap around in different blends for every season.